SDF: Turkey is committing massacres and genocide war

The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces said that Turkey is committing massacres and practicing genocide against the people of the region before the eyes of the whole world.

The General Command of the Syrian Democratic Forces issued a statement to the public against the backdrop of the Turkish massacre by the Turkish occupation forces today against the convoy of civilians heading to Serekaniye, which left 11 martyrs and 74 wounded as a preliminary outcome, including journalists. The statement read:

"Before the eyes of the world and in the presence of many international media, Turkey and its allied factions continue to commit massacres against civilians in northern and eastern Syria and wage a genocidal war in every sense of the word.

As part of its systematic work to clear northern and eastern Syria from its inhabitants, the Turkish invasion army directly targeted a convoy of civilians from northeastern Syria who had gone to the city of Ras al-Ain to express their rejection of the Turkish invasion, causing dozens of civilian casualties.

The convoy to Ras al-Ain, accompanied by many journalists from the media and protected by members of the internal security forces, was directly and brutally targeted, expressing what Turkey is really planning and revealing its true intentions.

This horrific massacre of our people in the north and east of Syria is a heinous crime committed by Turkey before the eyes of the world, ignoring all international and humanitarian values ​​and customs. Therefore, we hold the international community responsible for the massacres of civilians by the Turkish army and call on all international forces to stop this massacre against us.


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