SDF: Thwarted attacks of Turkish mercenaries on Tal Tamer and targeting Russian patrol in Ain Issa

The SDF said that four Turkish mercenaries were killed during their attempts to launch attacks on Tel Tamer villages, the occupation army and mercenaries also targeted a Russian patrol in Ain Issa countryside forcing it to retreat.

The SDF Media Center issued a statement revealing the results of attacks and shelling by the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries on Tel Tamer and Ain Issa villages on February 15 and 16, it said:

 "On February 15, the mercenaries of the Turkish Army attempted to attack the villages of Tel Tamer. After short clashes, Tal Tamer Military Council repelled the attack. As a result four mercenaries were killed.

On 16 February, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army launched heavy weapons attacks on a large number of villages in Ain Issa area.

 This coincided with the passage of a Russian patrol near the village of Koperlik, where the mercenaries targeted it. As a result, the Russian patrol withdrew from the area."


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