SDF reveals outcome of 12th day of resistance of dignity

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continue to violate the ceasefire in Serekaniye and Girê Spi/ Tal Abyad.

The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces revealed the outcome of the resistance to dignity on its 12th day in a written statement.

The statement read:


On October 20, with the support of warplanes and reconnaissance planes, the terrorist factions attempted to advance on the axis of the village of Managir, south of Serekaniye / Ras al-Ain, as well as the eastern countryside of the city. Under the legitimate right of self-defense, our forces confronted the invading forces and sporadic clashes erupted. These clashes resulted in the death of three elements in the ranks of the invasion, two vehicles were destroyed and another was damaged.

Euphrates Region (Kobani / Tel Abyad)

The terrorist factions loyal to Turkey continued to violate the ceasefire and tried to advance towards the axis of villages north and west of Ain Issa to the axis of the town of Jalabiya in Kobani.

Our forces responded to these attempts in the framework of their legitimate right to self-defense and clashed with the terrorists on the axis of the villages of Yebda, Kefa, Wasita, and engaged in fierce clashes that continued for many hours.

These clashes led to the death and injury of many terrorists and our forces destroyed two military machineries of terrorist factions and damaged others.

In these clashes, which resulted from violations of the ceasefire by the Turkish invasion army, six of our fighters were martyred, and we lost contact with one of our groups of nine on the day the ceasefire came into effect, and later we confirmed that those fighters we lost contact with, have risen to the rank of martyrdom bringing the number of martyrs to 15.



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