SDF revealed record of fighter carried out self-sacrifice operation in Girê Spî

The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) revealed the record of a fighter carried out a self-sacrifice operation in al-Mushrafa village in Girê Spî on October 22. 

SDF revealed during a written statement that the fighter Berxwedan Amad killed more than 20 mercenaries and proved that the strong will could face all occupying techniques and mentality; it was the strongest weapon.

The statement included:

"The fighters who sacrificed themselves, their money and their lives from the first day of Rojava Revolution to protect the gains of the Kurdish people, are also protecting the honor of their people.

Since Rojava Revolution subjection to terrorist attacks, thousands of young people of this homeland with great will and resistance have redeemed themselves to become the shield for this country.

From the first day of the revolution, the martyr Berxwedan came from Amed and took up his arm to protect Kobanê, and together with his comrades, he fought ISIS mercenaries from Kobanê till the defeat of ISIS in al-Baguz. The martyr Berxwedan used to not leave the front lines fighting ISIS face to face.

Even when he was injured, he did not retreat from his resistance and remained struggling on the front lines. Just as he confronted ISIS, the martyr Berxwedan also faced the Turkish state and fought with courage and determination, but with a solid decision announced conducting a self-sacrifice operation.

The martyr Berxwedan with his operation killed more than twenty mercenaries and proved to everyone that the solid will can face all the occupying techniques and mentality, it is the strongest weapon.

On the commemoration of the martyr and companion Berxwedan, we respectfully recall all the martyrs of freedom, especially the martyrs of the Rojava battle, and express condolences to the family of the martyr and all our people. We renew our pledge once again that we will establish a free future on the legacy of those martyrs and follow their footsteps to continue their path for which they fought.

The martyr's record is as follows:

The nom de guerre: Berxwedan Amed

The name and surname: Youness Mohammed

The mother's name: Meqdes

The father's name: Mohammed

The date and place of martyrdom: Tel Abyed / Girê Spî – al-Mushrafa village- October 22- 2019.

The General Command of SDF

October 23- 2019."

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