SDF revealed combat operations during 24 hours

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said that despite the ferocity of the war and attacks launched by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, their forces foiled the attacks after killing at least 31 mercenaries, wounding 20 others in addition to destroying a tank and an armored vehicle.


The SDF Media Center issued a written statement to the public opinion revealing the outcome of the fighting and resistance in the last 24 hours. The statement included:


The attacks of the Turkish army and its mercenaries on the villages of Serêkaniyê continued. The occupation army and its mercenaries tried to attack the village of Java with heavy weapons and armored vehicles, but they were repulsed and six mercenaries were killed. Moreover, in the village of Allouk, the drones of the occupation army attacked the populated areas.


The Turkish military and Intelligence agents continued their movements along the borderline.

Amuda, ed-Dirbasiyya

In the village of Kesra, our forces arrested two sleeper cells of the Turkish army, and the interrogation continues.

Kobanê, Ain Issa

The occupying army and mercenaries attacked with a large number of heavy weapons the villages of Afdeki, Bir Keno, Kandriyya and Judi. Our forces confronted these attacks, and that led to breaking out fighting. In the end, our friend Amara was martyred and the mercenaries stole her corpse. In the battles of Afdeki village, which continued till the evening, our forces ferociously repelled the attacks. In the end, a tank and an armored vehicle of the mercenaries were destroyed, 25 mercenaries were killed and 20 got wounded. In the course of operations carried out by our forces within the legitimate defense, a number of mercenaries of the occupation army were killed, but their number was not known.

In the last 24 hours, at least 31 mercenaries were killed, 20 others got wounded and a tank and armored vehicle destroyed. Despite the ferocity of the war and the attacks launched by the mercenaries and the occupying army, our forces were able to repel them and foil their attacks.

In this resistance, three of our comrades were martyred with courage, and four others were wounded.


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