SDF liberated Yazidi child Celîl Xelîl

SDF liberated the Yazidi child Celîl Xelîl who was among the group which was evacuated by SDF in al-Bagouz village of Deir ez-Zor countryside.


The Special Forces of the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) evacuated yesterday nearly 1,000 people, including civilians and families of mercenaries.

The forces liberated the Yazidi child Celîl Xelîl 15-year-old from al-Wardiya village of Shengal district.

IS has kidnapped and arrested thousands of Yazidis of Shengal of Başûr (southern Kurdistan) after the occupation in 2014, where Xelîl was 10 years old.

According to the child, the mercenaries took him with them in several areas of northern Syria.

After taking the necessary measures by the SDF, the forces moved the child to a military post belonging to the Syrian Democratic Forces, in preparation for his handover to the Yazidi House then to Shengal.



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