SDF liberated al-Baguz camp

The Syrian Democratic Forces liberated al-Baguz camp, which is considered the last IS' pocket, but declared the operation has not finished yet. There were IS' mercenaries who did not surrender themselves, accompanied by a response from (AA) to regime threats.


On Wednesday morning, The Arab newspapers touched upon the battles against IS in al-Baguz.

AL-Bayan: SDF finished IS' domination on al-Baguz.

Al-Bayan newspaper said: "SDF have taken full control of al-Baguz camp the last pockets of the terrorist IS' organization, in which they are holed up in north-east of Syria, and statements made by Syrian Defense Minister Ali Ayoub, the regime will retake to control on the areas that liberated by Kurdish forces through "reconciliation or force"

The newspapers added " despite the full control on al-Baguz, the Official Media to SDF said that "the operation has not finished yet, stressing that some of IS' elements had not surrendered yet, and violent clashes are still ongoing in al-Baguz, and there are IS' group captured some of families who used them as human shield.

The newspapers added " SDF arrested 157 IS' foreigners in the last IS' pocket Mustafa Bali, Director of the Media Center of the Syrian Democratic forces, on Twitter, the operation took place in al-Baguz and carried out by special forces, but he did not say when was completed , he pointed out that the forces detained hundreds of IS' elements injured when they control on the camp, He explained that they were transferred from al-Baguz pocket to the province of al-Hasakah in the north-east of Syria and they are treated by ethically

AL-Hayat: Kurds reject regime threats and accuse him of running away from a political solution

Al-Hayat said "More than two months after the last stage of Al-Jazeera Tempest which was launched to eradicate IS' organization from their last pocket in the east of the Euphrates, the Syrian Democratic Forces announced the control of al- Baguz camp, where the remnants of the terrorist organization were holed up. SDF said that they arrested dozens of IS' fighters and evacuated dozens of wounded. "



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