SDF liberated 2 Yazidi children, handed over them to Yazidi House

SDF liberated two Yazidi children from IS mercenaries in al-Bagouz and handed them over to the Yazidi House Council in al-Jazeera region to deliver them to their relatives in Shengal.


SDF continue their struggle in the battle to "defeat terrorism" to eliminate mercenaries in their last areas in al-Bagouz in Deir ez-Zor, amid the liberation of more civilians and dozens of Yazidi women and children who were kidnapped by mercenaries from Shengal during the attack on 3 August 2014.

In a batch of liberated civilians, the Syrian Democratic Forces liberated two children, Gole Alaa and Suad Rasho Ibrahim, from Rambusi village in Shengal and handed them over to the Yazidi House Council.

The council works on continuous communication with Shengal Council, which ensures contact with the families of abductees. The Syrian Democratic Forces managed to liberate dozens of Yazidis and the number of children released from al-Bagouz reached about 20 children.



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