SDF liberated 1,200 civilians, most of them mercenary families in al-Bagouz

SDF by their own forces liberated more than 1,200 civilians, mostly mercenary families, from al-Bagouz town, and commanders confirmed that they will announce the complete liberation soon.


A number of IS mercenaries have been besieged in al-Bagouz area since February 9, after SDF launched their last campaign to end mercenaries in their last stronghold.

SDF have calmed down the pace of the clashes after the mercenaries took thousands of civilians, most of them from their families as human shields, where the special forces of SDF entered the besieged al-Bagouz area, carrying out special operations and liberating more than 1,200 civilians, mostly mercenary families.

But, due to the large number of mines and tunnels, SDF have not been able to remove civilians, and the Special Forces have opened a safe road, including 25 trucks to transport civilians to the safe areas.

In this regard, commanders of SDF pointed out that the area in which IS mercenaries are fortified would be reduced and the liberation of the whole area will be announced soon.



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