SDF liberate 5 fighters IS captivated in al-Baguz

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) liberated 5 Self-Defense Forces' fighters who were captured by IS mercenaries in al-Baguz.


The Syrian Democratic Forces launched their final battle to liberate the remaining village of Al-Baguz on March 1 after the evacuation of thousands of civilians, who were used as human shields.

During the four days of this week, as the fighting intensified and a number of hurdles were made, the SDF fighting forces suspended one of the fronts of al-Baguz after it turned out that thousands of families were still hiding with the mercenaries in the trenches and burrows they had dug.

A military source told Hawar News Agency's reporter catching up with the Battle to Defeat Terrorism that during the evacuations of the remaining families of Daesh and mercenaries who surrendered on Tuesday, the SDF special teams conducted a qualitative operation liberating five fighters of the Self-Defense Forces who were captured during their participation in the Battle to Defeat Terrorism against Daesh in the village of al-Baguz.

The source confirmed that the names of the liberated fighters will be announced soon and will return to their families.


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