SDF General Military Council meeting started in presence of prominent commanders

The meeting of the General Military Council of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) started in the city of al-Hasaka in the presence of the members of the council of the commanders of SDF.


While ago the meeting of the General Military Council of SDF started in al-Hasakah city in the presence of the most prominent commanders of SDF and commanders of factions fighting under the banner of SDF.

According to a source from SDF, Hawar correspondents said that during the meeting they will highlight the campaign of al-Jazeera Tempest campaign and the other campaigns launched by SDF in the north and east of Syria, in addition to the reality of the forces after IS defeat in the region and a plan of action for the next period.

The meeting was attended by the Commander-in-Chief of SDF Mazloum Abdi, spokesman of SDF Kino Gabriel, commander-in-chief of al-Bab Military Council Jamal Abu Juma, commander of Jaish al-Thewar Abdul Malik Bard.

Command of SDF in the Euphrates Region Heqi Kobanî member of SDF command Neroz Ahmed, Commander-in-Chief of Deir ez-Zor Military Council Ahmed Abu Khawla, Counter-Terrorism commander Harun Koçer, Commander of al-Sandid Forces Sheikh Bandar al-Daham,،

The commander in SDF Rojda Heleb and the General Commander of the Autonomous Protection Forces Seyamand Walat, the commander of SDF in the Eastern Region Hasan Qamishlo, the commander of the Women's Protection Units Tolhildan Raman, Commander in SDF Laila Wachokani, leader in Deir Ez-Zor Military Council Jian Tolhildan

The official spokesman of al-Jazeera Tempest campaign Lilawa Abdullah, the public relations officer of SDF Redor Khalil, the commander of the Council of Jerblous Military Council Mohammed Ali, and the commander of Jiash al-Thewar Abu Araj.

It is planned that the General Military Council of SDF will make a statement at the end of the meeting to reveal the decisions reached by the participants.



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