SDC's workshop in Berlin initiated 

Moments ago, the third dialogue workshop of the Syrian Democratic Council was launched in Berlin, Germany, in the presence of 30 Syrian opposition figures, in an effort to approximate the views of the Syrian democratic opposition and implement the outcomes of the dialogue forum of the internal opposition forces.

The Syrian Democratic Council continues to hold dialogue workshops at home and abroad with the aim of bringing closer the views and reaching out to all segments and elites of the Syrian political opposition, especially independent figures, in a move to unify the visions of the opposition and hold an expanded conference of democratic opposition forces, through the road map that emerged from the Forum The last Syrian-Syrian dialogue was held in Kobani on 18 and 19 July.

Today, the third dialogue workshop of the Syrian Democratic Council started in the German capital, Berlin, with the presence of 30 figures from the Syrian political opposition elites in Germany, the co –chair of the Council Riad Dirar and the Vice-President of the co-chair Majdoulin Hassan, and members of the Preparatory Committee for the Council's dialogue workshops in the Diaspora Ali Rahmoun and Hussein Omar. Following the Paris workshops on 29 and 30 June, and the Vienna workshop on 12 and 13 July.

The activities of the dialogue started with the welcome of the co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council Majdoulin Hassan to attend. She also explained the agenda of the dialogue workshop, which includes the definition of the Autonomous Administration and what they have and discuss it, and explain and discuss the road map to resolve the Syrian crisis, which came out the last Syrian-Syrian dialogue forum in Kobani, which brought together political opposition forces inside Syria.

The workshop will discuss the mechanism of holding an expanded conference of democratic opposition forces and the proposed solutions to the Syrian crisis.

It is scheduled to continue the activities of the dialogue, attended by 30 Syrian exhibitors living in the Diaspora for two consecutive days.



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