​​​​​​​SDC: Turkish attack hinders efforts to combat terrorism

The Syrian Democratic Council affirmed that the Turkish attack on Sulaymaniyah aims to destabilize the unity of the Iraqi ranks, and called for condemnation of the hostile behavior aimed at weakening the role of the Kurds in the democratic solution and obstructing efforts to combat terrorism and cooperation between Iraq, Syria and the Global Coalition.

This came in the statement issued by the Syrian Democratic Council on the Turkish attack on Sulaymaniyah airport.

In its statement, SDC said: "We condemn in the strongest terms the blatant attack that targeted security and stability in Iraq through the bombing that targeted the vicinity of Sulaymaniyah airport in the Kurdistan region, in clear violation of international law."

It affirmed that it sees "that the Turkish government, since the beginning of its assumption of power, is deliberately working to violate international law and the rules of good neighborliness, indifference to international norms and covenants, and threatening the will of peoples and the lives of civilians through all forms of direct and indirect interference in their internal affairs and the confiscation of their political freedoms, as Turkey resorts in a similar way. To these hostile practices and activities to prevent a democratic transition and the achievement of any political solution that achieves stability in Syria.

SDC indicated that the attack aims to shake the unity of the Iraqi ranks, and continued, "which is a major partner in the war on terrorism, especially since this attack came immediately after the killing of Iyad al-Jubouri, the leader of the terrorist organization ISIS, in an operation that targeted him in the city of Idlib, which is under the protection and influence of the terrorist factions affiliated with Turkey."

In conclusion, the Council called on the international community to close the Iraqi and Syrian airspace to Turkish attacks, and also called on it to condemn the hostile and arbitrary behavior that aims to weaken the role of the Kurds in any dialogue or democratic solution in neighboring countries.

It stressed that this "obstructs efforts to combat terrorism and impede any cooperation between Iraq and Syria and the Global Coalition in the framework of the joint war against ISIS."

T/ Satt.


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