​​​​​​​SDC prepares for national conference .. Dirar: We aspire to major breakthrough

The Syrian Democratic Council (SDC) is preparing to hold the "National Conference for Al-Jazeera and the Euphrates people" late November, and Sheikh Riad Dirar confirmed that the conference will discuss the political, military, administrative, educational and service conditions of the region, and said: "We look forward to a big finish for the conference."

Since the 11th of last September, the SDC has been holding a series of dialogue seminars in northern and eastern Syria, in an effort by the council to hold a national conference for the components of Al-Jazeera and the Euphrates, under the slogan "The National Conference for the Homies of Al-Jazeera and the Euphrates. "

The council held 13 dialogue seminars in "Al-Hasaka, Qamishlo, Kobane, Manbij, Al-Tabqa, and Al-Raqqa," and a symposium for expatriates and the IDPs in the region, in which the various components and segments of the region participated; "Kurds, Arabs, Syrians, Armenians, Turkmen and Circassians."

Safe political environment

In this context, ANHA agency met with the SDC's Co-chair, Riad Dirar, who spoke about the importance of these seminars, saying: "The seminars that were held in northern and eastern regions of Syria were an important political and social milestone; they created the atmosphere for the liberation of  de facto situation and the lived path, after benefiting from the experience of the Autonomous Administration, and SDC over the past five years, as well as the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) that fought terrorism and liberated the region from ISIS.

"These seminars also contribute to liberating the stability and construction line notwithstanding all the suffering, difficulties and siege. This matter took its scope. During the seminars, we listened to the citizens and residents of the region to build a new de facto situation, in which everyone can contribute with all their diversities from the region or the Syrian IDPs fleeing to the region because of the wars and tragedies that these regions witnessed," he added.

Dirar stressed that the stability and construction course "will go live again" after the General National Conference "supposed to be held on November 25th," and "the path of stability and construction will go live in a positive, useful and constructive manner more than before. "

The conference is expected to discuss many issues of interest to the region, and the focus of the dialogue seminars that were held, the most important of which are "the political vision of the region, the form and structure of administration, the military aspect, education, agriculture, and services. "

Regarding the most important political issues, Dirar noted that the conference is expected to secure all the requirements for a safe political environment characterized by freedom of political and union action, freedom of opinion, organization and community work, the media, supporting and empowering civil society, civil societies and organizations, as well as all cooperatives to ensure the general public freedom for the prosperity of civil society to exercise its role in construction, oversight and participation.

As for the administration structure, the SDC' Co-chair indicated that the conference is expected to provide conditions for the participation of the region's people without distinction in all frameworks of local government, and that this participation will be by a participatory democratic mechanism that includes the contribution of political and social activities, and all competencies from various specialties in the region.

Mechanisms for recognizing educational curricula

Regarding the education, he explained that he expects the conference to discuss the educational system and appropriate curricula, and said: "Many voices spoke about the need to discuss the educational system and curricula, about accommodating all pupils and students without discrimination and making the academic issue in its early stages mandatory, in addition to the possibility of rehabilitating schools in the educational process. "

He added, "Finding a mechanism to recognize these curricula in the regions of northern and eastern Syria is an important issue that many touched on. "

In addition to that, Dirar indicated that he expects the conference to find out ways to secure people's needs, and said: "It is also possible during this conference to talk about the necessary needs of people, and ways to secure those basic needs and resources according to an appropriate pricing policy that no one is harmed from, away from monopoly.

Dirar considered agricultural issues in northern and eastern Syria among the most important things expected from this conference, and said in this context: "Agriculture and farmers are an important topic that the participants talked about, and the possibility of supporting the agricultural sector and empowering farmers will be discussed, especially the beneficiaries of state property, to encourage them to work, whether through cooperatives, or aspirations that serve production, distribution and consumption, and resolve all complaints related to this issue. "

With regard to the military issue in northern and eastern Syria, Dirar said: "Many have talked about the issue of Self-Defense Duty, and this also requires us to talk in this context through this conference and take appropriate measures concerning the system form. "

The conference is important to secure a unified view of the future of Syria

He added: "Perhaps the volunteer military system will be talked about, making it an organized and viable thing that we seek for the Syrian army in the future, the form of its performance and the involvement of the Syrian Democratic Forces according to a system that can be discussed after the political settlement, but starting work on this matter from the region is very important. It has been discussed with the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces which are concerned with the security and stability of the region, as well as the Internal Security Forces that work to organize the safe life of people and their security needs, especially in the presence of extremist sleeper cells.

Dirar noted the importance of this conference which would build positive relations between the administration, the citizens in the region, and said: "The conference is important to secure a unified view of the future Syria with all its people and with real participation in the light of the system of democratic decentralization, community fraternity, and true brotherhood, the region situation surrounded by many enemies, so that Syria succeeds in building its next future."

Dirar pointed out that all these aspirations require a change in the structure of administration, the participation of competencies and their renewal in a way that serves the public interest. He considered it a renewal revolution for the work of the Autonomous Administration and political and military action, with the active participation of civil society in the region.

At the end of his statement, the Co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council, Riad Dirar, said: “We look forward to a great achievement of this conference, and to all segments of society to understand its achievements and aspirations, and this will only be through real effective participation in it, and to contribute to real renewal through the participation of the public and the elites, helping to empower its outputs of success."



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