​​​​​​​Schiler Committee calls for ending Turkish occupation of Afrin

The Schlier Committee for Child Protection denounced the crime of rape of a 10-year-old girl from Shia district in occupied Afrin, and stressed that in order to stop these crimes against children and women, the occupation must be ended and the Turkish occupation state should be prosecuted for its crimes, before international courts.

The administrator of the Schlier Committee for Child Protection, Julia Khalo, explained to ANHA’s agency that there is a great blackout in the occupied areas on cases of murder and rape against women and children, and that it (i.e. the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries) prevents documentation of crimes that are committed on a daily basis in the occupied areas, and seeks to obliterate it.

She confirmed that the crime of rape of the 10-year-old girl by a leader of the Turkish occupation mercenaries is not the first, noting that it is one of a series of crimes by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries against women and children.

She said, "With these policies, the lives of this child and thousands of children in the occupied territories were destroyed."

Julia Khalo, denounced the position of the human rights bodies and concerned organizations, and indicated that what the people and women are suffering in the occupied territories is shameful for humanity, and she said: “Great pain that humanity is experiencing in this era. What hurts the most is that these crimes are committed in full view of human rights organizations and bodies, and with It remains without a clear position and remains silent. They prefer their interests over humanitarian issues."

Julia Khalo, on behalf of the Schlier Organization for Child Protection, condemned these crimes against humanity and childhood, and called on human rights organizations not to remain silent, clarify their position on the occupation and its crimes, act in accordance with its principles and end the occupation, and stressed the need to work to hold the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries accountable before international courts.


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