Scene of Halabja massacre repeated on same date in Afrin

During the attack of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on Afrin last year, specifically on the 56th day, the occupation committed a massacre against civilians was the most terrible massacres committed by the Turkish occupation and the number of victims reached 30 civilians.


The attacks of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continued on Afrin for 58 days, during which the antiquities and history were destroyed. They also committed grave crimes against humanity, including 6 massacres against civilians in Afrin.

The scenario of Halabja massacre, which took place on the same date in 1988, by the former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, in which 5000 of Kurds were martyred.

On the 56th  day of the attacks, on March 16- 2018, the Turkish occupation army planes committed a massacre in Mahmudiya neighborhood in the city center of Afrin, in which more than 30 civilians were killed and wounded.

Our agency ANHA obtained a number of names of civilians who were wounded in the massacre, both dead and wounded, while the full number of victims and their names could not be obtained because some of the bodies remained in the rubble.

The names are :

Mariam Mohammed, 8 years old, Selava Osman, 2 years old, Rani Khalaf 15 years old, Rima Khalaf 15 years, Sarwan Na'san 8 years old, Gulistan Hamdoush 7 years old, Siran Ayed 24 years old, Fatima Othman 55 years old, Arifa Ibrahim 31 years old, Amona Habash, 39 years old, Amina Ibrahim, 25 years old, Yara Hamdoush, 19 years old, Fadel Yousef, 64 years old, Azad Bouzou, Sabri Medour, Hussain Ahmed, 70 years old, Hussein Battal, Fayek Khalil, Arif Bakr Sidu, 54 years old, Farhad Mohammed, 25 years old, Fayeq Khalil, 21 years old,  Abed al-Rahman Resho 80 years old, Zakaria Ahmed, 60 years old, Abdel Wahab Khalik, 60 years old, Hussein Khalaf, 35 years old, Omul Hajji, 55 years old, Mohammed Rashid Hamdoush, 42 years old, Zakaria Amouri, 40 years old, Hozan Aliko, 29 years old, Khalil Mohammed Khalo 52 years old, Mohammed Hassen Abdo, 35 years old, and Walid Mohammed, 63 years old, and the young Avin Mustafa Khalo. ,



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