Saudis launch campaign calling for Ocalan's freedom

Saudi activists have launched "Hashtag" on social networking pages (Twitter) to demand the freedom of Abdullah Ocalan from Imrali prison.

The Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Ocalan was arrested on 15 February 1999 in an international conspiracy in which several regional and international countries involved, and he was placed in a prison on the island of Imrali. The Turkish authorities exercised the most abhorrent methods against the political prisoners, and the last of which was the isolation imposed on him since 2011, which was tightened year after year.

From his prison in Imrali and despite the inappropriate conditions and the isolation imposed on him from time to time, Ocalan launched the theory of the democratic nation through his pleadings, which call for peoples' fraternity and the peoples' right of self-determination. The ideas of the leader Ocalan spread among all the peoples of Kurdistan, the Middle East and the whole world.

Due to the thought of Ocalan, which has spread throughout the world, on Saturday, June 1st, Saudi activists launched Hashtag (#FreedomOgalan) on the social networking pages (Twitter), demanding his freedom and his release from the Turkish prisons.

The Saudi activist Abdul Aziz al-Anz said, "Even his picture disturbed them, so they bombarded it #FreedomOgalan" accompanied by video of the Turkish occupation army's bombardment of the leader Ocalan's pictures on one of the mountains of Afrin during the Turkish aggression

The Activist Maha twittered as well, "After 200 days of the hunger strike launched by thousands of Kurds in protest against the isolation imposed on PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan, the scene seemed like a celebration of their victory over the dictatorship of Erdogan, by lifting of the isolation imposed on the island of Imrali since 2011.



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