SARA Organization condemns death sentence against pregnant Kurdish detainee in Iran's prisons

SARA Organization for Combating Violence Against Women condemned the death sentence against the Kurdish detainee, Shahla Abdi, in the prisons of the Iranian state, and warned of the increasing number of executions in Iran.

The organization said in a written statement, a copy of which we received, that the Iranian state "continues to implement the death penalty on a large scale in the country."

An Iranian court had sentenced the Kurdish detainee, Shahla Abdi, to death while she was pregnant. As the pretext of setting fire to Khomeini's picture during protests that swept across the city of Urmia.

SARA warned of the Iranian state's intensification of "executions, killings, and repression against religious and ethnic components." It reported that it (the Iranian state) uses "punishment" as a tool of political repression.

SARA called on international powers and human rights organizations to hold the mullahs' regime and dictatorial regimes accountable, and urged them to stop the death sentences.

SARA also called on all advocates of freedom, women activists, fighters, writers, intellectuals, and women workers in all fields to stop these crimes against women.

For about five months, all the cities of Rojhelat  and Iran have been witnessing a popular uprising led by women and the slogan "Jin, Jiyan, Azadî", which erupted in the aftermath of martyrdom of the Kurdish young woman, Gina Amini, by the "Iranian morality police" on September 16 of last year under the pretext of not complying with the conditions of hijab.



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