Saleh Keddo: All peoples of region must rise against Turkish aggression

Saleh Keddo indicated that the peoples of the region must mobilize to confront the Turkish aggression, and to carry out their national duties against Turkish violations and attacks, noting that there is a popular consensus against the interventions occurring in the region, in which everyone should participate in the Kurdistan Community Union (KCK) campaign.

he regions of northern and eastern Syria have been being exposed to Turkey's attacks since the beginning of 2018, that is, after the Turkish attack on the city of Afrin, the Turkish state is seeking to strike the democratic experiment in the region, and the region's politicians believe that it is necessary to unify the home front to confront Turkish attacks and violations.

The Secretary of the Democratic Left Party in Syria Saleh Keddo explained: "The Kurdish people in Syria are part of the Syrian people, and since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, they have defended their regions and common areas that have been inhabited by the Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs, and our people have sacrificed thousands of martyrs for freedom and dignity."

Saleh Keddo pointed out that in recent years the people of the region faced brutal aggression led by the Turkish regime which is ruled by the Justice and Development Party, which considers itself the vanguard of the Muslim Brotherhood in this region, and said: "We saw how it started attacking the city of Afrin at the beginning of 2018, and committed massacres and violations  of killing and displacement, and s year ago, the regions of Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê were stormed by the Turkish regime and its mercenaries."

The home front must be strengthened

Saleh Keddo explained that to face this aggression, the peoples of the region must rise and carry out their national tasks against Turkish violations and attacks and against all the challenges that the peoples of the region face.

Keddo noted: "The fulfillment of our national duties against regional and external interference, threats, and attacks requires above all strengthening the home front which began through Kurdish-Kurdish negotiations in order to reach together to a common agreement, in which all the active Kurdish forces on the ground unite. The unification of these forces constitutes a momentum for all the other powers in the region (Arab, Syriac and Assyrian) active on this land."

Keddo also indicated that unifying the Kurdish ranks will be a key factor in confronting all the ongoing Turkish violations and attacks, and it will strengthen the Syrian home front.

 He said: "The sensitivity of the situation at this stage calls for discussing all the basic issues and standing thereon, and the active parties on the ground must have a vision regarding the decisions taken to reach a common formula."

We support the Kurdistan Community Union's campaign

Keddo stated that they support the campaign of the Kurdistan Community Union, and said: "The importance and objectives of the campaign must be discussed with the parties and forces that have not yet joined it." He indicated that all the forces and parties participating in the campaign must take a national character in which all components participate.

On September 12, the Kurdistan Community Union launched a campaign under the slogan "No to Isolation, Fascism and Occupation, It Is the Time for Freedom," and most of the society's segments in northern and eastern Syria, in addition to 29 political and community entities joined it.

Keddo clarified that the people's stance towards the campaign is not uniform, and noted that there is a popular consensus against the interventions occurring in the region, and that everyone should participate in it.

Saleh Keddo stressed the need for all forces and parties in the four parts of Kurdistan to rise, and for the Kurdish position to unite against Turkish interference "because the Kurdish forces and parties are the engine of the peoples, and the future of our people is now linked to the success of its political movement in its patriotic and nationalistic  tasks at this stage."



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