Salam Hussein: Expects Turkey's fate in Idlib 

The head of the Syrian National Democratic Alliance, al-Tabqa branch, predicted that Turkey would lose and emerge from the battle of Idlib and be forced to make many concessions to Russia.

On the latest military and political developments in Idlib city, ANHA's agency held a meeting with the head of the Syrian National Democratic Alliance branch in al-Tabqa city, Salam Hussein.

Turkey will come out empty-handed.

Salam Husain "The battle of Idlib will determine the fate of the illegal Turkish presence on Syrian territory, in addition to ending the presence of terrorism represented by Jabhat al-Nusra, Hayet Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), which is a double battle against occupation and terrorism".

Hussein also noted the decline in the Turkish army's global rankings "as a result of its repeated losses on the ground, and its failed strategy."

Turkey supports for the mercenary gangs to prevent the political solution.

Salam Hussein referred to turkey's direct and significant support for the mercenary gangs in Idlib, both with equipment and thousands of Turkish soldiers, and in the first place, Jabhat al-Nusra, the terrorist arm of al-Qaeda in Syria, said: "This reveals to the world that Turkey from day one in the Syrian crisis is advancing "Support for terrorists, and continue to support terrorism to date, in order to prevent all political solutions in Syria."

Idlib's battle ended Astana, Sochi and confused the Turkish state.

Hussein pointed to what Turkey did to the Syrian opposition, where it turned it into mercenaries to achieve its goals and agendas, said, "The war today in the city of Idlib is like the end of Astana, Sochi and other understandings that Turkey has made on Syria, and the loss of Turkey in Idlib will lead to the fall of all understandings regarding The Turkish occupation of Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî (Tel Abyad).

Hussein highlighted the Turkish moves today in Syria, considering that "Turkey, after realizing the collapse of its understandings with the Russians, resorted to adventure, in order not to get hands-free from the Syrian equation, because Turkey is afraid of internal apostasy if it exits defeated from Syria, the Turkish interior will turn on Erdoğan because he recruited of Turkish soldiers into a losing war in which Turkey had no benefit from it, and the families of the soldiers killed in Syria will be questioning, why our sons were killed and why they were killed?

Turkey will make a lot of concessions to Russia

"Turkey knows very well that any confrontation between Turkey and Russia will lead to turkey's collapse from within and its total loss of this war, so Turkey is sending delegations to Russia to barter, and to establish new understandings on Syria because Turkey is ready to make major concessions even on its territory, in order to thwart any democratic project in the Middle East, and Turkey will make a lot of concessions to Russia in Syria and is willing to give up Libya as well in order to avoid direct confrontation with Russia."

Erdogan counting on NATO and America, the data confirms he's alone

"Erdogan wants military support and wants NATO to send his weapons to Idlib to confront the Russians and the Syrian army, and this shows that if America and NATO do not actually intervene in Idlib, Erdogan will not be able to continue this war, and will have to withdraw completely from Syria, about the statements that Issued by the U.S. State Department, in which the United States refused to play the role of policeman defending Turkey against the Russians, it assures everyone that Turkey alone will not receive any support from what Erdogan hopes, and will come out losing after the failure of all its plans that it dreamed of achieving on the soil of Syria.



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