RYM recalls five martyrs of Age Resistance

In the second anniversary of their martyrdom, the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement in Afrin and Al-Shahba recalled five martyrs of the Age Resistance.

The SRYM in Al-Shahba district organized a march in which it recalled five militants who were martyred during the second phase of the Age Resistance on July 8, 2018. The martyrs are: "Brusk Baran, Hawar Shirawa, Gharzan Afrin, Shahan Afrin, Muhammad Afrin."

dozens of the martyrs families martyrs participated, raising the flags of the SRYM, chanting slogans saluting the martyrs and pledging to follow in their footsteps, heading to the martyrs shrine in Ihriss,

At the shrine, the Co-chair of of the Sports Federation in Afrin region, Avin Bilal offered condolences to the families of the martyrs and urged the youth to struggle further, : “As the leader Abdullah Ocalan said that the youth are the dynamics of society, We have to strive with all our strength for the liberation of our land and our people. "

Bilal recalled a Ghazan's statement, saying: “The martyr Garzan has always been saying 'Either we live on our soil freely and with dignity or we will sacrifice our souls for the homeland.”

Then the march ended with candles on the shrines of martyrs amid chanting slogans that glorify the martyrs.

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