Russian, Turkish forces end a joint patrol in Girkê Legê countryside

Today, Russian-Turkish forces ended a joint patrol in the villages of Aliya, related to Girkê Legê district, along the border with Bakur Kurdistan.

A Russian-Turkish joint patrol was launched this morning in Aliya region’s villages in Girkê Legê district in Qamishlo canton. The patrol consisted of 9 Russian armored vehicles and 4 Turkish occupation forces accompanied by two Russian helicopters.

The patrol started from the village of Derona Agi, passing through the villages of Patrzan, Pakrawan, Qastaban, Qargo, Kahniya Nabi, Jilka and Sheikh Ibrahim, in addition to the village of Sarmsakh, Banukia and Khirab Rushk with low-level flying.

After the end of the patrol, the Turkish occupation forces returned across the border to their points, while the Russian police returned to their points in Qamishlo.

It is reported that the Russian forces removed the flags from their armor before the start of the patrol, while the Turkish armored vehicles did not carry the Turkish flag.


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