Russian police and the occupation forces patrol in Darbasiyah and Zarkan

The Russian military police and the Turkish occupation forces conducted a joint patrol on the border in the villages of Al-Darbasiyah and Zarkan districts.

Today, the joint patrol started from the village of Shirkeh, west of Al-Darbasiyah district, and toured the villages of Al-Darbasiyah and Zarkan districts.

The patrol, which passed through the villages of Zarkan and each of the villages, "Dahr al-Arab, Qaraman, Haagogli, Turbah, Karkand, Barakfari", was accompanied by 4 armored vehicles from both sides, accompanied by two Russian helicopters.

After passing through those villages, the Turkish occupation forces returned to their steps, while the Russian armored vehicles headed to the city of Qamishlo.

The Russian military police ran a patrol alone yesterday, after the Turkish occupation forces waited for hours.


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