​​​​​​​Russian newspaper" Nezavisimaya Gazeta": Erdogan politicizes Corona pandemic

​​​​​​​The Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta said that Erdogan seeks to politicize the Corona pandemic by preventing opposition parties and civil society from providing assistance to the affected people, while opponents said that the state cannot collect money from the originally affected citizens to confront Corona.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that humanitarian actions by opposition that are led by municipalities of oppositions to combat the coronavirus are an attempt to create a "parallel state".

"The opposition municipalities initiative, not counted to Erdogan's party, has angered the latter," Erdogan "said that the campaign to help fight the coronavirus should be carried out only by the bodies authorized by the state.

On the evening that the central authorities launched a national fundraising campaign for those who were financially affected by the spread of COVID-19 in Turkey, and in parallel with its announcement, Erdogan said that as part of helping victims, he would give up his seven presidential salaries.

Despite the initiative, the Turks were not impressed by that initiative, and according to estimates, the amount that Erdogan donated to the needy does not reach $ 100,000, and opposition leader of the "al-Jeed Party" Miral Aksener indicated that it was an insufficient symbolic gesture - the president should donate his personal plane, and to leave it to the Turkish people.

It is interesting that local campaigns to help needy families affected by the coronavirus outbreak have been banned by the Ministry of Interior, and the leaflet the administration has sent to all Turkish rulers says that municipal authorities cannot engage in any independent humanitarian action during the pandemic without permission from central government representatives.

The Turkish opposition said it considers these restrictions as real ban on aid and an attempt by the president to monopolize humanitarian campaigns.

Taymor Ahmadof the expert in the international Russian affairs said, "The peculiarity of the political environment in Turkey is that any socially important event can quickly become politicized and become part of the political conflict, in the case of the coronavirus, on the one hand, it harms the state's measures to combat the epidemic, and on the other hand, the decentralization of the government in Turkey has left almost no room for civil society and NGO initiatives".



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