Russian military source denies Turkish mercenaries control of Saraqeb

 On Thursday morning, Russian military source refuted reports that Turkish-backed mercenaries had taken control of the strategic city of Saraqeb in Idlib countryside.

Russian news agencies quoted the source as saying: "Syrian government forces succeeded in repelling the attacks carried out by the militants on the city of Saraqeb. And the city remains under the full control of the Syrian government".

Earlier, the mercenaries claimed that on Wednesday night they were able to regain control of Saraqeb after launching a large-scale attack on more than one axis, videos have been depicted inside Saraqeb.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said last night that the mercenaries managed to advance and blocking the Damascus-Aleppo international road by fire and approached 3 km from the city of Saraqeb.

The regime took control of Saraqeb earlier this month in the midst of its operations against Turkish-backed mercenaries in the Idlib province, and this progress caused an escalation of tension between the regime and Russia on the one hand and Turkey on the other, where Turkish soldiers were killed.



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