Russian letters to Europe and regional bodies on Syria, bloody events in the demonstrations in Iraq

Russia is striving for the success of the work of the (Constitutional Committee) and the Sochi agreement, where criticized the language of the wooden system, while Russian experts felt that Moscow is willing to hold a dialogue to reach an agreement that could change the Syrian political system to a federal, while the demonstrations expanded in Iraq and Lebanon Bloody violence.

On Tuesday morning, the Arab press touched upon to the intense Russian movements in Syria, as well as the demonstrations in Iraq.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Moscow to advance the work of "constitutional" in parallel with the implementation of the Sochi Agreement

"As part of the implementation of the Sochi Agreement signed with Ankara, and the political effort to advance the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, Moscow is seeking to strengthen ties between the ongoing field track in northern Syria as the main entry point for the final political settlement in accordance with resolution 2254," Al-Sharq al-Awsat said. According to the description of Minister Sergei Lavrov.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced the conclusion of two days of "detailed" consultations between the Russian and Turkish military near the Ad-Darbasiyah crossing on the border between Turkey and Syria, which, according to some sources, focused on discussing technical issues related to the implementation of the Sochi Agreement, including points on joint patrols, The position on the US moves and the situation regarding the deployment of Syrian border guards along the lines defined by the agreement.

Concurrently, statements by Russian officials about "difficulties" in the course of implementation of the Sochi Agreement have emerged. Conversely, there is a serious discrepancy in the use of Moscow and Damascus with the Russian-Turkish agreement. "It is time for the regime to launch a realistic discourse based on a serious desire for reforms and opening channels of dialogue with Turkey and the Syrian opposition," she said.

A team of experts played down the importance of this development by pointing out that "a complete reversal of the regime's tone cannot be expected overnight," he told Asharq Al-Awsat expert Andrei Ottkin. The animosity between the regime and Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan should not hide the fact on the ground that the system is working in practice to implement the Russian-Turkish agreements »

In this sense, the indirect Russian messages appear so far, accurate in determining the directions of Russian policy in the next phase, as Russian experts do not hide that the current developments in the north, are part of the arrangements for launching the last phase of the political settlement efforts, and that this process is fully linked The course of discussions on the new constitution.

In this regard, Ottkin pointed to differences between Moscow and Damascus on this issue as well. Moscow does not hide its desire for a dialogue process leading to the drafting of a consensual constitution that guarantees the interests of all components of the Syrian people, including the Kurds, and does not rule out the premise of reaching an agreement that turns the political system into A federal system to this end, while the system proceeds from the need to amend the 2012 Constitution and put cosmetic features on it. However, the expert stressed that the differences do not mean a complete conflict and "Moscow does not expect a direct coup in the tone of the regime, and count on gradual steps" in this direction.

Middle East: Dead in Baghdad after first friction of protesters in Iran

On the day of the bloody night in Karbala, witnessed the first friction of the Iraqi protesters in Iran, Iraqi forces used live bullets against demonstrators in Baghdad yesterday, while widening the civil disobedience that paralyzed the movement of roads and oil facilities and official departments.

Riot police returned to live fire for the first time in 10 days, shooting protesters in Baghdad, killing at least five of them. A Reuters report showed security forces firing on a protester, killing him. A photographer told the agency, he witnessed the killing of at least 4 others. The security forces also used live bullets yesterday for the first time against demonstrators who gathered near the headquarters of the Iraqi state television in central Baghdad, witnesses said. Medical and security sources told AFP that 12 people were injured. One person was killed and seven wounded in clashes in Nasiriyah.

The events came a day after a bloody night in Karbala, during which demonstrators tried to storm the building of the Iranian consulate, and raised Iraqi flags on the concrete wall surrounding it and wrote it «Free Karbala free ... Iran Libra Libra», and the building protection forces fired live bullets towards the demonstrators; To kill 4 of them. Videos were circulated of demonstrators tearing pictures of Khomeini. Protesters returned to the vicinity of the Iranian consulate in Karbala again yesterday evening, and raised the Iraqi flag on its walls.





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