Russian jets step up attacks on Turkish mercenaries

Russian warplanes launched a new round of aerial bombardment on the "de-escalation" zone, in conjunction with violent clashes between government forces and mercenaries supported by Turkey.

After midnight Tuesday-Wednesday, Russian jets carried out 4 raids, during which they targeted places in the area between al-Gargur and the thermal plant in Sahel al-Ghab in the northwestern countryside of Hama.

In a related development, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights SOHR said that the axes of Ruwiha and Benin in Jabal al-Zawiya witnessed violent clashes between mercenaries supported by Turkey and government forces after midnight, while the latter renewed its missile shelling in areas in Ruwaihiyyah, Benin, al-Fatira, Sufouhan and Kansafra, south of Idlib.

The targeting of Russian aircraft on the "De-escalation zone" is the second of its kind since the ceasefire announced by Russia and Turkey on 5 March.



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