​​​​​​​Russian ISIS women: We want to live according to ISIS law

Russian women are the most dangerous ISIS in Al-Hol camp, because they want to live according to Islamic law. They refuse to teach their children. There is a lot of money that comes to the camp, where does this money come from and go?

Al-Hol camp is truly one of the most dangerous camps in the world, where more than 70 thousand women of ISIS women live with their children. Every month, there are reports of violent killings among the camp residents.

The camp is located in the Autonomous Administration areas of northeast Syria, and security is provided in the camp by the internal security forces "Asayish", as well as fighters of the SDF and the Self-Defense Forces, which liberated the last ISIS strongholds in March last year.

The camp residents publish information accusing the camp guards of mistreating, and although the Russians are reluctant to conduct the interviews, and they refuse to take photos for them, the Hawar agency correspondent of the Russian section that visited the camp made sure that the women were really beaten there, but not by the camp guards, rather by the camp residents of ISIS, where those people who deny ISIS thinking and wish to  return to their homes, are punished.

When asked if the camp's security beat the women, one Russian ISIS  woman replied clearly: "No, we are not afraid of them, we are only afraid of God, they do nothing for us, do not worry."

Camp residents told us how the hierarchy is organized in the camp "We also have camp divisions."

As for NGOs staff in the camp, they spoke, shivering, about the brutality that their former patients went through."

In fact, the injuries and hematomas resulting from the beating are injuries local doctors face frequently.

 Extremist ISIS burns the tents of those suspected of "betraying" ISIS's ideology

The internal security forces in the camp also spoke about ISIS Russians and said they were the most dangerous ISIS members.

The residents of the camp live in accordance with Islamic law, despite all attempts by the Internal Security Forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces to curb "ISIS customs."

Of course, security officers are making great efforts to contain this "powder keg", a camp where thousands of ardent ISIS supporters live.

According to the camp administration, 300 families from Russia live on the AA's funds, and NGOs only provide symbolic assistance.

Many women remain loyal to ISIS ideology, and do not intend to change their beliefs. However, not all camp residents can be described as terrorist, with some who came to Syria with their husbands, for the sake of their children, but the ISIS Russians are in no hurry to return to their homeland.

Samira, who comes from Karachay-Cherkessia, said, "There is a need for a committee from Russia to choose women who have children and do not support radical Islam and are not dangerous to society."

Camp staff also notes that the need to make an early decision about deporting “ISIS wives” is increasing every day, because in addition to adult women, the camp also houses children and orphans.

The future of the children in the camp is unclear, as they acnnot get educated, because ISIS seek to educate their children according to ISIS teachings and thought; they are convinced that their children in the future will revive ISIS again.

Likewise, we were able to make sure of the rumors that the camp administration was helping some people from ISIS to flee. The Russians recognized that there is no corruption in the camp, but the escape is organized by people outside the camp for a lot of money.

A Russian in the camp denied rumors of corruption in the camp, saying, "No, there is no such thing. There are people from outside help ISIS to escape."

"What do we do, we are desperate, we are waiting to return to our homes, but our governments do not move at all, so we resort to escaping from the camp through smugglers for huge sums of money amounting to 15 thousand dollars per person."

As for the source of the huge funds that  ISIS women get, the residents of Al-Hol camp create special funds for fundraising campaigns and money is sent from all over the world to ISIS women.

So, where does this money come from? This is unknown until now, but there is a lot of money in the camp, as well as explosives stores prepared by ISIS.

Maintaining such a camp is not an easy task, as the terrorist threat in the camp poses a serious problem for the AANES.

What fate awaits the Russians who chose to live under ISIS? Will they stay in the camp for a long time, or will Russia and other countries bear responsibility for the behavior of their citizens? All these questions remain unanswered, and only the Russian government can answer them.

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