Russian expert: Karabakh conflict is partly ignited by Turkey and British intelligence, against Russia and Iran

The director of the Institute of the Eurasian Economic Union explained that the conflict in Karabakh is partly directed against Russia and Iran, and he believes that Turkey and British intelligence are the igniters of the war in Karabakh.

"The main initiators of the conflict, in my view, are Turkey and British intelligence, and this operation is directed against Russia, and partly Iran," said the director of the Eurasian Economic Union Institute, Vladimir Lebekin.

Lebekin said in an interview with the Eurasia Daily newspaper that Moscow had focused its activities in the wrong direction, meaning “reconciliation” between the parties.

Lebekin said, "Instead of responding appropriately to the new challenge from Turkey and its sponsors in London and NATO, the Russian elites have activated the well-known rhetoric that they are" trying to drag our country into the war in Turkey, and we must not give in to this provocation."

He added: "We must call a spade a spade: In fact, Turkey launched a war against Russia in a region of strategic importance to us, which it started at the hands of Azerbaijan and Arab terrorists; however, in Russia this fact seems to be ignored, it will not be possible to evade a confrontation with Turkey this time ... As for the ban on importing Turkish tomatoes and the quarantine measures, they will not return the arrogant provocateurs to their senses."

The director of the Eurasian Economic Union assumed that the Russian leadership had no choice but to put an end to the growing Turkish ambitions for hegemony in the South Caucasus.

He stressed that Russia absolutely does not need the Ottoman infection to spread to Georgia, Abkhazia, the North Caucasus, the countries of Central Asia and the Volga region.

Since last September 27, Karabakh has witnessed a conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, amid Turkey's efforts to ignite the war by sending hundreds of its mercenaries to fight alongside Azerbaijan.


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