Russian airliner's victims raised to 41

The number of victims of the Russian passenger plane that carried out an emergency landing at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport in the capital Moscow has risen to 41.

Investigators declared that the number of the victims left by Russian airliner that landed at the Sheremetyevo Airport has risen to at least 41 people, Sky News reported.

"There were 78 people on the plane," the investigators' committee said in a statement.

The committee added, "According to the updated information of the investigators so far, 37 people have survived, and a previous toll indicated that there were only 13 dead people among the 78 passengers."

The plane of Superjet 100 type, the first Russian-made civilian jet after the Soviet era, was traveling between Moscow and Murmansk on Sunday.

Interfax news agency quoted from a source saying that "the two black boxes of the plane were not damaged, stressing that their data can be analyzed and read."

The source explained that the two boxes have been handed over to the International Aviation Authority (Aviation Authority comprises members of the Commonwealth of Independent States) to analyze the data and recordings to find out the reasons of the accident.

A medical source told Sputnik on Monday that the identification of the majority of the killed in the accident would be done by DNA analysis because "it is difficult to identify the dead directly."



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