Russian aircraft fly over "de-escalation" which government forces bomb

Today, Russian reconnaissance planes circled over the Hama and Idlib countryside, while government forces renewed the missile strikes in the area.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that Russian reconnaissance planes were flying in the western countryside of Hama and southern Idlib, in conjunction with renewed rocket shelling by government forces on the vicinity of Kfar Awid, south of Idlib, and Al-Anqawi in the Al-Ghab Plain, and there are no reports of casualties yet.

The government forces renewed the shelling with missiles at places in Al-Feteera, Fleifel, Kansafra, and Sufouhn in the southern sector of Idlib countryside.

The bombing is part of the continuous violations of the ceasefire agreement in the "de-escalation" area, which entered its 59th day in a row.

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