Russia: Turkish experts in Idlib try to shoot down Russian aircrafts

Russian T.V said on Thursday that Turkish military experts in the Syrian province of Idlib are using shoulder-fired missiles in an attempt to shoot down Russian and Syrian warplanes.

This statement, which was broadcasted by "Russia 24" television channel during the presentation of a report from Idlib, northwestern Syria, coincided with the announcement by Turkish officials and the Syrian opposition supported by the Turkish army to control al-Neirab town in Idlib.

The source added: "Their aircrafts and Russian warplanes literally save the lives of the Syrian soldiers. The Syrian and Russian warplanes stop the progress of the opposition gunmen again and again, but the sky above Idlib is also dangerous. The opposition gunmen and Turkish experts are actively using shoulder-mounted air defense systems."

This comes amid the continued failure of Russian-Turkish efforts to reach understandings about the situation in Idlib with the intensification of the battles.

The Source: Agencies

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