Russia: terrorist formations in Idlib rearmed, launched counter-attacks

Russia said that terrorist groups active in the Idlib region, northwest of Syria, have rearmed themselves, launched counter attacks on Syrian government forces, and noted that mercenary groups in Idlib include a considerable number of ISIS elements.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said, in a statement issued today, Monday: "In the Idlib area, a large number of armed formations belonging to various Islamic organizations are massing in Idlib region, including headquarters of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and Huras Addin, which continue to use the ideological principles and terrorist methods of al-Qaeda ... It is worth noting that the above-mentioned organizations rejected to recognize the recent Russian-Turkish agreements on declaring a ceasefire regime in these territories."

The Russian Foreign Ministry pointed out that "the ranks of jihadists stationed there include many ISIS elements, including those who were evacuated at the time, through the so-called safe corridors from other areas in Syria."

The ministry confirmed that "the elements of terrorist formations took advantage of the calm period, treated themselves and rearmed themselves, thanks to support from abroad, and now they launch counter-attack operations."

The Russian Foreign Ministry added: "Whatever the nationality of the people who followed the path of violence and terrorism, it is necessary to be held accountable for the crimes they committed, and there are only two possible options, either to eliminate the terrorists, or to hold them criminally responsible according to the law."

The Russian and Turkish sides had announced a cease-fire agreement in Idlib, but since the implementation of the agreement began, Idlib has witnessed clashes and mutual shelling between Syrian government forces and Turkey's mercenaries.

This is not the first agreement of its kind, as the Russian and Turkish sides reached previous agreements that ended in a major escalation round in which Turkish soldiers were killed.



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