Russia targets terrorists in Idlib, US fears failure of its peace plan in Middle East

Russia said it was targeting terrorists in Idlib in response to Trump's comments on stopping the bombardment of northwestern Syria. Russia also foiled a condemnation of the Security Council denouncing the bombardment of that region. The US administration expressed concern over the failure of its plan for peace in the Middle East.

On Tuesday morning, the Arab newspapers focused on the situation on the ground in Syria and the reaction of Moscow to the calls to stop the bombardment of northwest Syria, as well as the Israeli-Iranian conflict on the Syrian territory.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: raids on northern Hama ... The Kremlin defended the bombardment of "terrorists"

On the Syrian issue, the Kremlin said on Monday that the Russian army was targeting only "terrorists" in Idlib province in northwestern Syria, while US President Donald Trump accused Russia and its ally Damascus of killing "many innocent civilians in the area, where the shelling continued on areas in the Idlib countryside with battles east of Lattakia and southern Idlib.

"The bombing by the terrorists from Idlib is unacceptable and actions are being taken to silence these artillery sites," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

"In Idlib, there is still a large crowd of terrorists and fighters who use this presence to target civilians or conduct hostile actions against Russian military installations," he said.

Al-Quds al-Arabi: Russia prevents a statement by the Security Council condemning the military campaign in northwestern Syria

In the same context, al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper said, "Russia on Monday banned a statement by the UN Security Council condemning the military campaign launched by the Syrian regime in the Idlib region, and the Western countries fear that this military campaign may lead to a humanitarian catastrophe."

Belgium, Germany and Kuwait proposed the text after two emergency meetings of the council against the backdrop of escalating violence in the area controlled by jihadists.

Russia last month banned the issuance of a statement warning of a humanitarian catastrophe if the regime launched a massive offensive against the Idlib region, which housed more than 3 million people. The Security Council's statements need the consensus of all its 15 member states.

Al-Arab: Israel is escalating its moves against Iran in Syria

On the Israeli bombing of Syria, the newspaper said, "The Israeli army escalated its attacks in Syria, where it bombed early Monday the positions of the Syrian government forces and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the center of the country after attacks on Sunday dawn that targeted the south.

The Israeli escalation coincides with a military operation launched by the Syrian regime in the northwest of the country targeting the opposition and jihadi groups. US President Donald Trump has called on Damascus and Moscow to stop the "criminal bombardment" of Idlib in northwestern Syria, which is dominated mainly by Heyat Tahrir al-Sham, expressing regret that many civilians are left as victims of this massacre.

Some have linked the Israeli escalation to Iran's exploitation of Damascus and Moscow's preoccupation with Idlib's battle to re-establish its foothold near the border with Israel in the light of tension with the United States.



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