Russia puts pressure on Turkey in demilitarized zone, Washington classifies the Brotherhood as terrorists

Russia stepped up its pressure on Turkey by activating military operations in demilitarized zones. Washington ended the Muslim Brotherhood's game by classifying them as terrorists, putting pressure on countries such as Turkey and Qatar.

Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper: Syria: a major Russian military escalation to put pressure on the opposition and Turkey

In a similar context, Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper said, "In an escalation of the Russian-Syrian systematic and in an effort to pressure Turkey and the Syrian opposition in the north, two civilians were killed and three others wounded in the bombing of an explosive barrel carried out by helicopters belonging to the Syrian regime."

"Local sources reported that the dead and the wounded were killed in the bombing of the explosive barrel on the villages of Abdin in the southern countryside of Idlib and Arnaba in the northern Hama countryside, and sources pointed out that it is the first time that the death dead of such a weapon since the Sochi agreement in September 2018, That the bombing targeted a large number of villages and towns within the area of ​​reducing the escalation in the northern and western Hama and southern rural Idlib.

Washington classifies the Brotherhood as terrorists

As for Washington's classification of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization, Al-Arab newspaper said: "The administration of US President Donald Trump is working to classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. Observers consider the move to be a natural result of the regional and international climate against extremist currents. To uproot its intellectual, spiritual and organizational sources. "

"The American ban on the group would go beyond the Brotherhood of Egypt to include the branches of international organization in various continents and dismantle its networks, especially in Europe, and send strong messages to countries supporting these organizations, especially Qatar and Turkey."



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