Russia calls AA, Damascus to hold talks

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called on Damascus and the Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria to hold talks.

"We have declared our position more than once on what is happening in northeastern Syria, including in the Syrian-Turkish border area," Lavrov told a news conference after meeting his Kazakh counterpart. "Our position stems from the need to resolve all the problems of this part of the Syrian Republic through dialogue between the regime government in Damascus and representatives of the AA who are the indigenous people on this land. "

"We contacted representatives of AA and representatives of the Syrian regime and confirmed that we encourage them to start a dialogue to solve the problems of this part of Syria, including problems of ensuring security on the Turkish-Syrian border, as we continue to consider this as the only way to achieve calm and stabilize the situation," Lavrov said.

"Yesterday we heard the statements of both officials in Damascus and representatives of the AA that they are ready for such a dialogue. We will try as much as possible to facilitate the start of such a substantive direct conversation.

It is noteworthy that Russia had previously called for dialogue during Turkey's threats to launch attacks on Afrin, but opened the door to the Turkish attacks later and exchanged with Eastern al-Ghouta as it controlled the airspace in that region.




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