Russia blames Turkey.. Turkish soldiers should not have been in region

Russia has blamed Turkey for the killing of its soldiers who were in the ranks of the mercenaries, and confirmed that the reason for the escalation in Idlib was the attempt of mercenaries to attack the Syrian regime forces.

Today, the Russian Ministry of Defense issued a statement commenting on the killing of more than 30 Turkish soldiers in air strikes in Idlib, northwestern Syria.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that its fighters did not carry out strikes in an area in Idlib where the Turkish units were located.

The ministry added that Ankara had not informed Moscow of its forces in Idlib, and added, "Turkish soldiers should not have been in the area according to information provided by Turkey."

The Russian ministry added that there were "Turkish soldiers who were among the Syrian militants who were wounded in the bombing of Idlib on Thursday."

Moscow said the reason for the escalation in Idlib on Thursday was mercenaries loyal to Ankara’s attempt to launch an attack on the regime forces.

Turkey had recognized the death of 33 of its soldiers as a result of air strikes on Idlib, on Thursday, while the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the number of dead was 34.


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