Russia: Aleppo's scenario may repeat in Idlib

Russia threatened it may repeat Aleppo's scenario in Idlib by shelling and preparing to start wide operation in Idlib.

The Arab newspaper today touched upon to the tensions in the so-called disarmed areas.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper said that Russia threatens to repeat Aleppo's scenario in Idlib

Russia intensified its shelling in preparation to launch a wide operation to support the Syrian regime forces to advance in the last stronghold of the opposition north-west of the country.

Moscow started a media campaign to encourage the civilians to leave the city on the background of the preparations to expand its military operations amid the displacement of the civilians toward the Turkish borders because of the Russian and Syrian shelling.

The newspaper explained the opening of 2 gates to allow the civilians to leave the areas of conflicts in Idlib as happened in Aleppo in 2016 and al-Gouta of Damascus in 2018.

"The aim of the crossing was to ensure the voluntary and unhindered exit of civilians from the Idlib area to reduce the escalation through two crossing points near the towns of Suran in the governorate of Hama and Abu al-Thahr in Idlib," said Major General Victor Kobetshishen, director of the Humimim Center for Reconciliation of the Russian Defense Ministry.

On the other hand, the official Iranian news agency IRNA quoted Turkish sources as saying that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad met on February 25 with Turkish Intelligence Director Fidan Haqan after an official of the ruling Justice and Development Party Turkey yesterday that it is "no blemish" in holding meetings between Turkish and Syrian intelligence.  



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