Russia about Erdogan: his claims are not true

The Russian Ministry of Defense denied the validity of the statements of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan regarding the Turkish army's destruction of 8 "Pantsir" air defense systems in Idlib, Syria.

A statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense stated on Tuesday that the estimates submitted to the President of the Turkish Republic about the effectiveness of the use of attacking drones in Idlib province, which managed to destroy 8 Syrian air defense systems of "Pantsir" type do not match the reality, and are more than being exaggerated.

The Ministry of Defense indicated that the main capabilities of the Syrian air defenses, including the "Pansir" systems are mainly concentrated around Damascus, and there were only 4 "Pansir" systems in Idlib area.

It added that the Turkish attacks resulted in the infection of two Syrian systems, and at the present time, the restoration is about to be completed.

The Source: Agencies


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