Ruling party to choose substitute to Bashir, describes his decisions as white coup

A leader of Sudan's ruling National Congress Party, said on Monday that the party would choose its president at next year's conference instead of Bashir.


The member of the Political Bureau of the National Congress Party, Amin Hassan Omar, confirmed the readiness of the ruling party to nominate an alternative president of Bashir, pointing out that his party "not bankrupt" and rich in leaders, and that it can offer someone to head the party.

The leader of the National Congress that the freezing of Bashir's presidency of the party at this stage, does not mean that he is not a member of the party.

On Friday, Bashir announced a one-year state of emergency in the country, dissolving the national reconciliation government and state governments, and asked parliament to postpone proposed constitutional amendments that would have given him an opportunity to run for president. In an attempt to face the crisis experienced by the country, while the demonstrators and the opposition forces demanded to "step down the president and overthrow the government."

On Saturday, Defense Minister Awad Mohammad bin Auf was appointed as first deputy president and Mohammad Taher al-Ella was appointed prime minister, according to a presidential statement.

The leader of the ruling party noted that what happened was a coup d'état.



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