Rubin: Turkey practices terrorism in Afrin, mercenaries must be tried in N, E, of Syria

Michael Rubin, a former Defense Official, said Turkey was practicing terrorism in the occupied region of Afrin and warned Turkey not to approach areas in north and east of Syria, stressing the need to prosecute Daesh mercenaries in the areas where they committed crimes.

"Those who have committed war crimes in northeastern Syria should be tried in this area," the former US official said.

Rubin is taking part in the international forum on Daesh which is organized by Rojava Center for Strategic Studies in the city of Amouda district in north and east of Syria.

"Turkey is destabilizing the region, an area like the occupied Afrin, where Turkey is practices in it terrorism, Turkey should not approach the north and east of Syria, even one centimeter," he said.

Rubin rejected the arguments that there could be no trial of Daesh in north-east Syria because there was no international recognition of the administration in that area.

"There are previous examples of international tribunals in Taiwan, Kurdistan, Iraq, Africa, and Somalia," Rubin said, insisting that the tribunal should be established in north and east of Syria without any arguments.



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