Rtla Council provided service work , plans to serve people

The People's Council in Rtla area in the southern rural al-Raqqa works  to provide several projects and service, health and agricultural service to serve the people, and seeks to implement a number of future work to promote the reality of services in the region.


The People's Council was established in Rtla village, located in the southern countryside of al-Raqqa on 5 - 4 of 2017. The Council provided many service works and many service matters, one of its priorities being to organize the society through the formation of the communes.

The council also worked actively with the people of the region in the development of the service side, where it provided a lot of service, health and agricultural work on a voluntary basis, through the cooperation of the people of the region with the councils that had a major role in the return of life.

The council also managed to repair the electricity through specialists in the electrical workshops to restore electricity completely on the area after repairing the damage.

The People's Council in the village of Rtla has also worked on the formation of an agricultural extension, through a discussion in the extension unit to solve all the problems experienced by farmers in the region.

On the future projects and plans of the council Mohammed al-Abed, the co-chair of the People's Council in Rtla village said that they will work to pave the entire main roads and sub-rehabilitation of the sewage network in the region in coordination with the municipality, and improve the agricultural reality .



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