Rouhani demands powers for "war time" similar to Iraq war

On Monday, Iranian President Hassan Rowhani called on obtaining broad operational powers called "war time" similar to the 1980 Iraq war, to deal with the pressures on his country.

"The Iranian president referred to the Iraq war in 1980 when the Higher War Time Council managed to bypass other branches to make decisions on the economy and war," the official IRNA news agency reported.

The report did not specify the new powers, but it was quoted from Rouhani, "Today we need such powers."

Rouhani said that "Iran is facing unprecedented problems in the banks and the sale of oil, noting that the country united in the need to resist the United States and sanctions."

Tensions between Iran and the United States have grown since the Trump administration put Iran's Revolutionary Guard on the black list of "terrorist organizations" and toughened sanctions against Tehran after Washington withdrew from the nuclear deal a year ago.

US Senator Lindsey Graham, who is close to Trump, called for an "overwhelming military response" if US interests were jeopardized.



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