​​​​​​​Rokan Ahmed: Struggle against leader's isolation must be escalated

The co-chair of TEV-DEM explained that the solution to the Middle East crises is in Imrali, so the struggle against the isolation imposed on the leader Ocalan must be escalated, where she stressed the need for the Committee Against Torture to fulfill its responsibilities.

TEV-DEM's Rokan Ahmed, spoke to ANHA agency about the strict isolation imposed on leader Abdullah Ocalan 25 years ago and the inaction of the concerned international organizations.

Ahmed pointed out that the system in Imrali is considered a great injustice, and pointed out that the isolation is getting more severe day by day, and the fascism of the Justice and Development Party is causing the crisis to exacerbate even more.

Ahmad explained that the leader's isolation is the same isolation on the Kurdish people and the peoples of the region as well, so the Kurdish people and the rest of the peoples of the region have been struggling for years to end this isolation and achieve the physical freedom of leader Ocalan.

Rokan Ahmas shed light on the historical resistance waged by the leader Abdullah Ocalan against the dominant regime and his guidance to the path of a solution in his books, and she explained: "He made important analyzes, especially on the topics of war and peace, and determined the methods of solution."

Committee against Torture Should Fulfill Its Responsibilities

Rokan Ahmed criticized the inaction of international organizations regarding the prevailing injustice in Imrali and affirmed: “The whole world remains silent, and even the Committee Against Torture remains silent. It did not disclose any information to the community despite its delegation’s visit to Imrali, this Committee is subject to the influence of the conspiring forces, but we say as a Kurdish people that it must fulfill its responsibilities no matter what happens.

The co-chair of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM), Rokan Ahmed, explained that ending isolation and achieving physical freedom for leader Abdullah Ocalan represents the way to liberate humanity from slavery, injustice, tyranny and oppression, in addition to the liberation of women. Therefore, the struggle must be escalated and strengthened, as NE Syria has witnessed many programs in this regard. Including issuing statements, sending messages, organizing rallies, collecting signatures and sending them to the Committee Against Torture.

Roken Ahmed indicated that the Committee Against Torture is subject to the influence of the Turkish occupation state, and therefore it does not abide by its responsibilities and duties in preventing  the disciplinary measures  against the leader.



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