Rojda Felat: War against ISIS continues

At the conference of the Democratic Confederalism in Italy, the commander in the SDF, Rojda Felat, praised Kurdish women and said, "They have become an example of heroism and courage."

The conference was held in Rome on Friday with the participation of academics from many countries around the world and will end today.

At the invitation of the conference, representatives from Rojava, Kongra Star, included the Autonomous Administration, jurists, economic committees, and military representatives of Women's Protection Units(YPJ) and the SDF.

According to ANF news agency quoted the conference, Felat joined the conference on behalf of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and noted in particular the historical gains made in Kobani against ISIS mercenaries, and said: "The war in Kobani has left a profound impact on the whole world." .

She noted that Kurdish women have become an example of heroism and courage, and it is important to point out to the will of women.

She stressed that the war against ISIS continues, and that there are risks to the region that mercenaries return to the arena again, and said: "Our comrades protect their people in all places and squares."

Rojda Felat concluded her speech and said “Women are the symbol of free life,” and" No Life Without the Leader."


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