​​​​​​​Rojava University to launch online education in 2nd semester  

After suspending the University of Rojava as part of preventive measures to curb the coronavirus outbreak. The administrative body of the university has taken measures to continue the online educational process in the second semester on 3 May 2020.  For this purpose, it has developed a guide to the online education system at the university.

In an interview with Hawar news agency, the co-president of Rojava University, Rewan Mustafa, explained that under the risk of the coronavirus spread and in order to continue the educational process for students, where many countries followed the online education, as well as the University of Rojava decided to work on this system in the second semester.

On this basis, it has developed a plan  of online  education in the second semester and identified methods and ways for conducting examinations and evaluations, even practical lessons and laboratory work. 

"In order to avoid any problems, such as electricity cut and the internet, we will download video lessons via some programs so that students can return to them whenever they want." Rewan Mustafa said.

Mustafa noted that lessons will be given through special programs that will be determined by teachers for students. Students will be informed about the date of the live lessons at least one day before.

Mustafa also added the most important items in Rojava University's Online Education Guide are live programs, recorded videos and online university course files. Online assessments will be carried out as well as the implementation of teachers' duties and functions.

As for laboratory lessons, she said teachers will record practical lessons and laboratory experiments before class and inform students before sending them.

She explained that a study program will be set up for each department, and hours will be allocated for online study, "Students will receive a maximum of two or three lessons a day, and a specific time will be for answering students' questions," she said.

"In departments such as the Faculty of Architecture and the Department of Fine Arts, after giving theoretical lessons, students have to do the practical homework. The teacher will assess these practical outcomes to students through the programs to be adopted for communication," she explained.

"With regard to tests and evaluations, they will be online. The teacher will inform students about them," she added.

Since the method of education has changed, the evaluation system at the university should be changed by following a special method in tests as follows: 40% of the marks are divided as such (first tests 16% and second 24%) and studies, projects, research and discussion are 60%.

Mustafa said that if the pandemic ended before the second semester, online education will go on until the end of the 2019-2020 of the academic year because some students returned to their homes in Aleppo city and Al-Shahba. It would take time to get them back to the university.



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