​​​​​​​Roj news: KDP is stationed in Zînî wartê, despite warnings

Local sources told Roj News that the Kurdistan Democratic Forces have strengthened their presence in separate areas in the vicinity of Zînî wartê, despite warnings issued by Kurdish forces.

According to the Roj news agency, the KDP did not listen to the warnings, and remained stationed in the territories after bringing in forces from its Peshmerga since March 18.

Calm prevails in Zînî wartê, but anxiety still in the hearts of the residents of the region, who have repeatedly stressed that any escalation or tension is not in their interest. Rather, the occupied countries, led by Turkey, are the primary beneficiaries of this tension, and they are behind this tension with the aim of occupying more lands in south Kurdistan.

This, and the Kurdistan Communities Union had indicated in a statement about a week ago that the Kurdistan Democratic Party was involved in the process of targeting 3 fighters from Guerilla, where they were martyred by the Turkish bombing after their return from a negotiating mission with the Kurdistan Democrat in the latter's headquarters in Zînî wartê area, on that day The same as the Turkish state bombed Mexmûr refugees camp.


It is known that the geography of the Kurdistan region is divided into two spheres of influence, which are subject to the Democratic Parties and the National Union, since the last civil war that occurred between them in the nineties of the last century.

In addition, the Turkish warplanes intensified their attacks in the northern regions of the Kurdistan Region, and extended the depth of land to target on April 15 this year, residents of Mexmûr camp south of Hawler, and resulted in the martyrdom of 3 women.



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