Rohlat Aref: Peoples of region live great days, bright future awaits us

" The people of the region live great days," said Rohlet Aref, deputy of the Joint Presidency of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria, who called on northern Kurdistan women to take revenge for their martyrs during Turkey's election at the end of this month.


The speech of Rohlat was made during the celebration of International Women's Day in the city of Kobanî.

Where she participates in the celebration that is organized in the square of the martyr Ageid under the slogan "the Resistance Liberates the Women."

Rohlat Aref dedicated this day to Leyla Guven and all the women of Afrin in al-Shahba and the fighters who fought in the battle trenches in Deir ez-Zor and the women of the Middle East.

Rohlat said that "today is an important day for the women of the Middle East, where today the voices of the world's women rose in the face of injustice and called for peace and democracy for all. Today is the symbol of peace. Today the women of the world have proved their presence in the squares."

Rohlat confirmed that a bright future awaits them, and they are about to end IS mercenaries, and its authoritarian mentality, pointing out that these days are great days for the peoples of the region.

Rohlat Aref called on women in northern Kurdistan to avenge their martyrs on the 31st day, when local administration elections are held in Turkey.



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