Rohani: We are ready to negotiate with US on 2 conditions

Iran is ready to hold talks with the United States if Washington lifts sanctions and returns to a nuclear deal in 2015 that it pulled out of last year, Iranian President Hassan Rohani said in a speech on state television on Sunday.

"If we lift the sanctions, put an end to the economic pressure and return to the agreement, we are ready to hold talks with America today, now and anywhere," Rohani said, according to Sky News + Reuters.

The US statement at the meeting of the Atomic Energy Agency, last week, referred to the behavior of the Iranian regime, which deepens its international isolation, stressing once again Washington's willingness to hold talks with Tehran.

"Iran's expansion of its nuclear program is an attempt to blackmail the international community," the statement said, adding that attempts to blackmail Iran would not help ease sanctions on Tehran.

The statement pointed out that Washington is ready for talks with Iran without preconditions with the possibility of returning to normal relations.

Tehran announced on Monday that it had begun enriching uranium by at least 4.5 percent and also revealed an increase in its stockpile of low-enriched uranium.

Iran says it is responding to economic sanctions imposed by the United States, after Washington withdrew from the nuclear deal a year ago.

On Monday, the European Union called on Iran to "suspend" all uranium enrichment activities in violation of its obligations under the nuclear power deal.



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