Riots and escapes from al-Hasakah prison, continued tension

Al-Sina'a Prison in Geweran neighborhood” witnessed riots and sabotage of ISIS mercenaries who are being detained there, as a floor of the prison was still held by ISIS mercenaries, amid the cordoning off of the place by anti-terrorist and coalition forces, and the flight over the area.

Around 10 pm yesterday, ISIS mercenaries detained in al-Sina'a prison in Geweran neighborhood in al- Hasakah to carry out riots, vandalism, and attempts to flee from the prison, amidst deployment of ISF in the city, and anti-terrorist forces encircled the prison, in conjunction with the hover of International Coalition aircraft in the sky city.

In this context, and to clarify the course of events, the head of the prison, Rubar Hassan held a press conference in the prison yard, which includes thousands of mercenaries from more than 50 Arab and foreign nationalities

Hassan explained that the mercenaries demanded at the outset to hold a meeting with the International Coalition and human rights committees, and soon after that they broke all the surveillance cameras.

Hassan pointed out that the mercenaries also broke down the doors of the dormitories, then broke the walls that link these dormitories together, and continued, "There is a floor with the grip of ISIS prisoners, in addition to the escape number of mercenaries."

Hassan indicated that the protection of these mercenaries and the problems they cause are not only the responsibility of SDF, but also the responsibility of the International Coalition, they are from nearly 50 nationalities, amid a complete absence of support from these countries.

The situation remains tense inside the prison as a result of the riots and sabotage, and it has not been fully controlled yet, amidst an extensive deployment of security forces inside and around the prison.



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